Pole Elevated Aerial Photography for Real Estate in Brisbane

IMG_1546I’ve just taken delivery of a 15 metre photography pole.  Unlike car mounted systems,  this portable photography mast, allows me to shoot from almost any place on the property.  This means you can get the perfect angle every time, not being limited by vehicle access – sometimes the best angle can be from the back yard.

15 metres above the ground level means in most instances, your image can be taken from above the roof line (a typical 2 storey is about 8-9 metres approx)  This elevation will generally highlight any views or points of interest on the other side of the property.

If you want to highlight a large block of land,  a complimentary overlay can be  provided with an elevated photo package, showing the boundaries, and any other required information.

When to use pole shot ?  Here are situations to consider the use of an elevated image –

Large block of land / acreage / development site.
Property has views or points of interest at the rear that can not been seen from street level.
Property has potential to add more height to the building (another storey) or build another taller building – opportunity to show the possible view.
Property has already been on the market and not sold – show the property is a new and different angle.
Property can not been seen because of obstruction from trees, retaining walls, fences.
Property is on the “high side” of the street, or you have to look up to see the property.

All these situations could possibly benefit from a high shot.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about the possibility of  obtaining an elevated image for your situation, please call or email anytime, Cheers Peter Ph. 0411 334 646.




Pole Elevated Real Estate Photography in Brisbane


I have just taken delivery of a 8.5 metre camera pole for elevated photography.   If you property has any of these it may qualify for Pole shots.

– Property on the higher side of the street , you have to look up or the front of the homes is blocked by trees, gardens, fances, or retaining walls.

– its  vacant land, or the main value of the property is the land.

– There is a view or aspect that the property has but it can no be captured from the ground level, eg. city views, mountain views, etc.

– The listing has already been on the market, and requires a unique image to attract new customers.

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Pole Aerial Photography in Brisbane
Pole Aerial Photography in Brisbane