Real Estate Photography World Record.

Real Estate Photography World Record – 7 separate house dusk exteriors shot on one night / all shot under 30 min – shot between sunset and end of civil twilight – all located in 2 housing estates, approximately 1 km apart. All houses in different streets and a short drive between every house. Phew!

Real Estate Photographer World Record

I did this totally in #beastmode only to meet the clients urgent deadline. Yellow safety vest, no seatbelt, and drive like an idiot but with one hand firmly on the camera… was #hectic . I realised after the event , it “could be” a record. It certainly was a record for me. I checked online with some of Australia’s finest real estate photographers to see if anyone had done any better – none could come close. So I asked in the LARGEST real estate photography FB group in the world, with over 17,000 members. Again, no one could come remotely close. In fact there was even disbelief from some it was even possible. So while it’s “unofficial”…. I’m still calling it – it’s a WORLD RECORD! Maybe, I’ll get my people to contact the Guinness people….and make it official. 😋

#realestatephotography people please pm me if you have actually beaten my record and I’ll acknowledge you here.🤔

Here is the final images….