How to Get The Best Possible Real Estate Photos

Here is another hard working agent I snapped with my phone the other week.  Great agents know how quality images impact the sales process, and help owners to prepare for the photo shoot.  Getting their hands dirty on site ? Sweeping the deck ?  True hallmarks of an outstanding agent.

Ok,  The last photo is actually me.  This was an accidental selfie.   Here is the story.  So, I am often moving stuff around in the scene, to ensure the best possible final image.  I had already taken this angle, and while the deck was excellent, clean and styled etc, I decided it would look nicer with the plastic box with assorted stuff on top of it moved from its location under the the  BBQ.  I always shoot via a wireless remote trigger, which normally resides in my right hand pocket.  As I crouched to move the box, the trigger must have accidentally fired.  I didn’t actually notice until I checked the photos on the computer after the shoot.  If you look closely, in this photo (right hand side next to the pot plant)  you can also see the portable studio flash which I use for “on site” real estate photography in Brisbane.  If you want to see a before and after with this flash, check out this post

So, if you are selling your property and need the services of a super duper agent in Brisbane, just ask me for a referral – I know the best ones !


The Jacarandas are pretty but leaves can sometimes drop as quickly as you sweep them up. Thank you Kathleen for your excellent skills on the broom.
Its me ! Adjusting items in the scene to ensure the best final image.

How to Find the Best and Hardest Working Real Estate Agent / Agents in Brisbane?

Just ask their photographer, that’s how.    I work with real estate agents all day long while shooting properties all over Brisbane , and I get to see who goes “the extra mile” at the photo shoots.  Its general knowledge that great images are paramount to getting a successful sale, at a great price.    The right presentation of the property is also critical in getting the best photos – however, properties aren’t always 100% up to scratch.  If this is the case, then the best agents roll up their sleeves while on site and pitch in to make sure everything is as good as it can be at the photo shoot – some really do go “the extra mile”.    Check out these candid snaps I have taken on the fly…..   Do you recognize any of these agents?  Clearly they are winners!  If you  are selling your property and would like an insiders referral to the best agents in your area, contact me anytime, Cheers Peter Ph 0411 334 646



I have seen this agent almost TRANSFORM some rental properties from virtually unshootable to pretty amazing.  How? Just by tidying and moving items and clutter out of shot, room by room. Cleaning the dirty mirror for the shot ? Definitely going the extra mile….. this is the agent you want, no ?


This agent didn’t hesitate in finding a rake and raking the whole back yard, so I t looked it’s best for the shoot. Definitely going the extra mile… do you want an agent like this ?






Leaves or grass on a patio can spoil an otherwise good shot – the care and attention to detail of this agent is fantastic – always going the extra mile.  Don’t you want an agent like this ?
This is definitely beyond the call of duty – climbing onto the roof to check for city views – agent swaps to joggers and climbs up while the owner holds the ladder – GOLD!  Amazing dedication.