Behind The Scenes


real estate photographer in brisbane with pets included

Behind the scenes shot here.

Behind the scenes – here is a tiny glimpse into my world.

2 cute dogs, the agent and the stager all managed to get in this shot ūüėč

All part of the process of doing what it takes to “get the shot.”

The cutest dogs DID stay and put on a lovely pose for us. Here is a link on my Insta

If you are looking for a real estate photographer in Brisbane – then I can help you get amazing images, and bring your vision to life.

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Real Estate Photography World Record.

Real Estate Photography World Record – 7 separate house dusk exteriors shot on one night / all shot under 30 min – shot between sunset and end of civil twilight – all located in 2 housing estates, approximately 1 km apart. All houses in different streets and a short drive between every house. Phew!

Real Estate Photographer World Record

I did this totally in #beastmode only to meet the clients urgent deadline. Yellow safety vest, no seatbelt, and drive like an idiot but with one hand firmly on the camera… was #hectic . I realised after the event , it “could be” a record. It certainly was a record for me. I checked online with some of Australia’s finest real estate photographers to see if anyone had done any better – none could come close. So I asked in the LARGEST real estate photography FB group in the world, with over 17,000 members. Again, no one could come remotely close. In fact there was even disbelief from some it was even possible. So while it’s “unofficial”…. I’m still calling it – it’s a WORLD RECORD! Maybe, I’ll get my people to contact the Guinness people….and make it official. ūüėč

#realestatephotography people please pm me if you have actually beaten my record and I’ll acknowledge you here.ūü§Ē

Here is the final images….

Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Conveying a message about a property can be more than showing 4 walls. ¬†“Lifestyle” marketing is becoming more in demand , especially from Brisbane’s best performing Real Estate agents. ¬†If you have some ideas on how you would like to portray your property, call me anytime on 0411334646 to discuss the ways I can bring your vision to life. ¬†You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you get the right advice when it comes to property photography. ¬†Image below from a recent photoshot for prestige property in The Gap, Brisbane.

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Declutter Service

Wow! Before vs after


Check¬†this out ! ¬†New¬†service – aimed squarely at Rental properties. ¬†Real estate agents , do you get properties where they are poorly presented? ¬†Here is the solution – how to get the best price when the property presentation isn’t up to scratch.¬†



Before and After Photos


I took these photos after an agent was unsuccessful in selling with the images they took themselves.

What do you think Рpost your opinion ?  More likely to sell with the before or after photos?

(and of course this property has subsequently now sold…)


Brisbane Photographer uses Portable Studio Flash to Capture Beautiful Real Estate Images.

I have recently taken delivery of a new powerful, hand held , 680 watt studio flash. ¬†This unit weighs around 2 kg, and compared to the “old” external camera mounted¬†flash unit,¬†delivers approximately 8x the output.

This new flash gun has the finesse to provide a mere “kiss” of light where needed, but packs a punch when required, being able to easily light up the darkest of interiors in a property.

The benefit for my clients is –

Better  quality photos for a property that has a dark interior.

Better quality photos for a property that has no lighting / electricity connected.

Better quality photos for a property that has large rooms / spaces.

Better quality photos for a property that has areas of bright sunlight light and heavy shadows.


If you have a property that has any of the above situations, or your current real estate photographer does not use a portable studio flash, or  you have concerns about getting the best possible property images, please contact me anytime.

Cheers, Peter.  Phone 0411 334 646


No Flash
Same image, but taken with portable studio flash firing.


Pro Photos for Rental Property – Is it worth it ?

Investment property


Professional Photography for Rental / investment properties in Brisbane







Professional Photos for Rental Properties ?

Do you think it is worth while to have rental properties / investment properties professionally photographed?

Just like home buyers, a very large percentage of tenants these days are finding their new homes on the internet. Common wisdom is that there is only once chance to make a good first impression. Realistically you have to capture a would be tenants attention within the first 5-10 seconds. Having quality images on the web is the first step in making your property look its best and stand out from the rest of the competition. Top selling Real Estate agents have realised for a long time that professional photography is the cornerstone of achieving the best results. Some entrepreneurial Real Estate business owners are now also specifying professional photography for their rental side of the business.

So, what do you think? As a landlord / investment property owner, is it worthwhile to get your investment professionally photographed?   Do you do it ? Property managers Рdo you recommend to the owners to get pro shots? Tenants Рwould you rather see clear professional photos or Amateur shots ?  What do you think about this rental  property I took photos of here in Brisbane ( Qld. Australia) ?