Change colours? No problems !









So, you’ve got a room that is “not so neutral”…. and you want to show buyers how it may look an feel with different tones?  No problems !!!  We can recolour your room in any shade you would like.  Want to add a billiard table to the room ?  No worries – done.  (After all its a rumpus room right ?)  See our virtual furniture gallery  to see how you can improve a vacant property.

As a real estate photographer in Brisbane, my first aim is always to provide the best images possible.  Unless the home has been professionally staged, sometimes the existing home can use some extra “help”.

Whatever you need – whatever you want – if you have creative ideas, or need some inspiration – we are always here to help.

Check out the gallery below to see what we have done with a rumpus room with a very strong colour.

(and it goes without saying that you must show this to a buyer as an example of what it “may” look like, and certainly not advertise this as what is actually existing)

Standard Retouching – Leaves.

The leaves in this pool were unable to be completely removed a the time of the shoot, leaving an unfortunate distraction in the final image.  Below you can see the before and after samples, showing not only my standard retouching for this image, but also removal of  unwanted objects (leaves) for the final image.  Can I help you ?  Cheers, Peter

“As shot”, right out of the camera.







Showing my standard real estate image retouching… adjustments of verticals, white balance, highlights, shadows, contrast, colour saturation + and -, lens corrections,  and sky retouching. 


Showing my standard real estate image retouching + final removal of unwanted objects (leaves).