Brisbane Photographer uses Portable Studio Flash to Capture Beautiful Real Estate Images.

I have recently taken delivery of a new powerful, hand held , 680 watt studio flash.  This unit weighs around 2 kg, and compared to the “old” external camera mounted flash unit, delivers approximately 8x the output.

This new flash gun has the finesse to provide a mere “kiss” of light where needed, but packs a punch when required, being able to easily light up the darkest of interiors in a property.

The benefit for my clients is –

Better  quality photos for a property that has a dark interior.

Better quality photos for a property that has no lighting / electricity connected.

Better quality photos for a property that has large rooms / spaces.

Better quality photos for a property that has areas of bright sunlight light and heavy shadows.


If you have a property that has any of the above situations, or your current real estate photographer does not use a portable studio flash, or  you have concerns about getting the best possible property images, please contact me anytime.

Cheers, Peter.  Phone 0411 334 646


No Flash
Same image, but taken with portable studio flash firing.


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